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#ifndef _NAP_WINIO_H
#define _NAP_WINIO_H

/* Copyright (c) 2000  Kevin Sullivan <nite@gis.net>
 * Please refer to the COPYRIGHT file for more information.

#include "cmds.h"

extern WINDOW *wchan, *winput;

#define MAIN_SCREEN 0
#define DLUL_SCREEN 2

struct colortab_s 
  const char *in;
  int pair, c;
typedef struct colortab_s colortab_t;

struct cmds_s 
  char *cmd;
  struct cmds_s *prev;
  struct cmds_s *next;
typedef struct cmds_s cmds_t;

/* a "scroll list" entry (i.e., a line in the main srcoll) */
struct scroll_s
  char *line;             /* the line, null terminated. Each line is
                       self-contained even if it is a
                       continuation. I.e., it must contain its
                       own color and font control sequences. */
  int lastlog;            /* Is this line output from /lastlog? If yes, 
                       do not match it with /lastlog again. */
  chans_t *chan;          /* current channel at this line (not used) */
  struct scroll_s *own;   /* if this line is a continuation, point to
                       the physical line where this logical line
                       starts. Else NULL. This is used to indent
                       follow-up lines, and to display logical
                       (not physical) lines in the /lastlog
                       command. */
  struct scroll_s *prev;  /* doubly linked */
  struct scroll_s *next;  /* doubly linked */
typedef struct scroll_s scroll_t;

extern int screen;

void resize(void);

int switchtoscreen(int n);
void mainscr(void);
void wstats(WINDOW *);
void drw(WINDOW *);
void dstatus(void);
void addlog(char *logfile, char *str, int rp);
int wp(WINDOW *, const char *, ...)
#ifdef __GNUC__
     /* allow gcc to verify the format string */
        __attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 3)))
void addscroll(WINDOW *, char *);
void clearscroll(void);
void scrollbottom(void);
void dscr(WINDOW *);
void dscroll(WINDOW *, int);
int doesc(WINDOW *, const char *);
int input(WINDOW *, sock_t *);
void initwin(unsigned char);
void indraw(void);
unsigned char gchr(WINDOW *);

#endif /* not _NAP_WINIO_H */

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